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About Our Brand

 Our Vision

RastaFairy Wardrobe was born from the idea that comfort in fashion is essential. The first thing one notices is how comfortable you are in what you’re wearing. Rasta Fairy Wardrobe excels in making clothing that offer the best fits for different body types.

Our Style

What is RW: it looks Indian, Arabic, Bohemian, what is it? 

All of that, and flamboyant!


Summer and Winter:


Coming in 2 key variants of Solids and prints. 

Classic colours of Flamenco Red, Bottle Green, Royal Blue and Jet Black.


The prints vary with season.


The winter ones are available through out the year, owing to a thicker a fabric and a unique fall.

Presenting Rasta Fairy Wardrobe - harems, T shirts, Shrugs, developed from a gamut of experiences of living in Europe, US and different parts of Asia. 


Rasta Fairy brings to you quality clothing, comfort and the bohemian outspoken free spirited style, wearing your style.

Pure Cotton, Vibrant Colors, Exceptional Fit.Comfort meets Fashion at RastaFairy Wardrobe!

Experience the joy of wearing  pure cotton Harems and Shrugs from Rasta Fairy Wardrobe


Comfort x Fashion

Flaunt your new exotic Harems

Redo your Wardrobe collection

Creative Process

Since RastaFairy Wardrobe only uses carefully chosen high quality fabrics, owing a RastaFairy product means experiencing unmatched comfort, a unique look and a long lasting product that you'd enjoy wearing even after several washes.


RastaFairy Wardrobe employs minority artisans in India in the stitching process. By wearing RastaFairy clothing, not only will you be looking chic, you are also going to be funding a minority's family in India.

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